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College of BioresourcesNational Ilan University




Dr. Shih-Bin Lin



Admin. staff





Department of Biotechnology and Animal Science


Department of Biomechatronic Engineering


Department of Food Science


Department of Forest and Natural Resources


Department of Horticulture


EMA Program in College of Bioresources


NIU Program of Indigenous Education in College of Bioresources

Master Program of UAV Application and Precision Agriculture

Experimental Stations

Experimental Forest


Experimental Ranchette


Experimental Farms


Wujie Campus

Extension Service

Agricultural Extension Committee

Research Centers

Food Innovation and Education Developing Center


Center of Analysis and Technology Extension for Bio-products


Research and Developing Center of Honeybee and Healthy Product



To raise professionals on the conservation, application, research and development of bioresources with clear mental and physical condition for the industrialization of bioresources utilization, the promotion of nationals’ benefit with modern life, and the realization of environment conservation upon natural ecosystems.





To render the students characters of self-educating, independent thinking, solid dependability, creative research and theory practicing abilities based on the emphases of human culture and team cooperation capacities.



Incorporating the specialties and resources of the units in the college with the reinforcement of the combination of traditional and advanced technologies to promote the quality and potential of researches on the development of regional ecological environment conservation, local bioresources industries, and healthy life products.



1. Motivate regional ecological environment conservation and sustainable management.

2. Assist regional healthy living environment construction.

3. Develop local bioresources’ special products and their related industries.

4. Provide healthy living information and counseling along with bioresources’ products examination services.

5. Encourage regional living quality and cultural characters.




1. Cooperation of theories and practical utilizations, reinforcing practical capability and personality of students.

2. Working together with regional bioresources industries and ecosystem management organizations to develop regional characters.

3. Integrating traditional and advanced technologies to promote bioresources industry.

4. Emphasizing surveys on the diversity and characters of bioresources, to popularize eco-resources education and sustaining development concepts.




1. Establish research and education system of oceanic ecology and resources.

2. Realize the planning and constructing of the eco-education academic park.

3. Construct ecological, industrial, and livelihood information system of bioresources.

4. Reinforce the cooperation with regional bioresources related industries.

5. Become a regional bioresources products examining center.

6. Promote college image and character.



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